The Lego Club is open to children ages 6 – 12 and is hosted twice a month. View the event sheet to see the next event dates. Each Lego Club event consists of a building challenge for free. Sometimes the events will have a particular theme, such as “Community,” where builders are asked to create something found in their community such as building a house, school, or car. The Lego Club will select 5 favorite constructions at the end of each Club meeting that will be shared in the Children’s Library Lego Display, which can be viewed throughout the month on the far wall of the children’s department. Promoting play contributes to early literacy development by increasing attention span, memory, creativity, language and vocabulary skills. It also lays the foundation for logical mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning, and problem solving—things they’ll carry with them throughout their school years.

The library uses the Creative Resource Center, located in the children's department, to host the lego club events. This event does not require a fee, but space is limited and registration is required. For more information, or to register, contact the Children’s librarian, Carolina Conner, by email at