Why is story time important for children? Story time helps children develop a lifetime love of books and reading and provides early language and literacy skills. Being a part of storytime helps extend reading experiences by incorporation of music and movement. Often times dances and movements are encouraged during the story, this builds memory with repetition. Bringing your child to story time also helps introduce your children to being part of a group and helps with school readiness. Story time provides phonological awareness and develops listening skills.

Story time lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Preschool story time is designed for ages birth-5 and parents remain with the children. Opportunity for the parents to participate and interact with the children and the story are encouraged. Parents are the child’s first and best teacher! Throughout the toddler and preschool years, your child is learning critical language and enunciation skills. By listening to you read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, your child is reinforcing the basic sounds that form language. “Pretend reading”—when a toddler pages through a book with squeals and jabbers of delight—is a very important pre-literacy activity. As a preschooler, your child will likely begin sounding out words on his own. For more information contact the Children’s Librarian, Ashley Bishop, by email at ashley.bishop@oclibrary.org