For many years the mission of the Obion County Public Library has been to enrich the lives of the citizens of Obion County by providing them with a wide range of meaningful library materials and by offering helpful programs designed to meet the needs of specific groups of patrons. We continue our commitment, not only to continue in this mission, but also to make our Library an increasingly significant and relevant part of the lives of our patrons. The new Obion County Public Library Facility was opened on November 16, 2003 and is located at 1221 East Reelfoot Avenue in Union City, Tennessee. The facility has a 30,000 square foot building on approximately 4 acres of land which includes a large fenced in park with outdoor walking and reading areas. The library catalog contains over 84,000 books, video and audio materials (110,000 maximum capacity) and is the largest public collection in West Tennessee outside of Jackson and Memphis.There are 36 public access computers available for use.

The facility serves approximately 32,000 people in our county. The library averages over 2,000 patron visits a week. Upon your arrival at the library, sign up for a library card. A library card is free to those who live, work or own property in Obion County. This library card is your key to enjoying all that the library has to offer. Your library card gives you access to more than 84,000 books and other materials, including audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs and on-line databases. A large collection of newspapers and magazines are also available. The library offers study rooms for small group sessions, and a large meeting facility. Our staff of professionals stands ready to assist you with an array of needs,

"The mission of the Obion County Public Library is to enrich and improve the lives of the citizens of Obion County by providing them with a wide range of meaningful library materials and quality experiences."

Our Goals

  • Assemble, organize, preserve and make easily accessible materials that will provide information, education and recreation for the citizens of the community.
  • Keep our patrons fully informed of the many services and materials we provide.
  • Be aware of the changing needs of our community and acquire materials to assist them in meeting those changes.
  • Provide the people of our county the best materials and services possible within the limits imposed by our budget.

View the Library's Mission and Policy Statement here.