Volunteer Program

The Obion County Public Library welcomes volunteers.

If you enjoy enriching the lives of others and can spare a few hours once a week, once a month, or specific times throughout the year during special events we'd love to hear from you.

Volunteers assist the library in upholding high standards of dedicated service to the community.

Volunteering opportunities may include:

  • Sorting and Shelving

  • Shelf Reading and Straightening

  • Weeding or Culling

  • Assisting during activities and events

  • Helping library users with computers

How do I become a library volunteer?

To volunteer you'll need to:

1. Get in touch with us to see if there are any available opportunities for you

2. Fill out a Volunteer Profile Application Form

3. Attend a scheduled orientation

What will I gain as a volunteer?

  • Enlightenment about your library and your community

  • A meaningful experience

  • The opportunity to meet new people

  • Self gratification of knowing you make a difference in your community

For more information on the library’s volunteer program contact us at 885-7000.

Submit a Volunteer Application form

All submissions must be reviewed by our staff. Contact us for any other information.