Library Card

How to Get a Library Card

All residents of Obion County are eligible for a library card. Children from birth to age 17 must have parental consent and signature . Non-residents and their spouses may obtain a library card if:

  • They own property in Obion County
  • They are employed in Obion County
  • They attend school in Obion County
  • They have children who attend school in Obion County
  • Persons who are unable to meet these requirements may obtain a library card with full library benefits for an annual fee of $20.00.

To obtain a card, a person must:

  • Complete and sign a membership application
  • Have an Obion County address verified by a driver's license, employer verification, legal document or piece of delivered mail

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards may be replaced for $2.00.

How to check out materials

To check out library materials a person must:

  • Present their library card or show proper identification. Library accounts can only be looked up once and with proper identification.
  • No card can be used without the owner present.
  • Be in good standing with the library - having less than $5.00 in fines.

How long can materials be kept and renewed

Books may be borrowed for a two week period and may be renewed for two additional two week periods unless a reserve has been placed on the book. There is no limit on the number of books a patron may check out, unless privileges have been misused.

  • Books borrowed on interlibrary loan may be checked out for two weeks beginning the day the book is received by our library. These books cannot be renewed and are only available two at a time.
  • DVDs may be borrowed for 7 days. These may be renewed 1 time for 1 week. Up to 5 may be in a patron's possession at any given time.
  • CD/Audio books may be borrowed for two weeks. These may re renewed 1 time for 2 weeks. Patrons may check out no more than 5 at one time.
  • Paperbacks and periodicals are checked out in the same manner as books.

How to place items on hold

If the item a patron desires is checked out, they may request by phone or at the circulation desk to have a hold placed on the item. The patron will then be called when the item is available. It will be held at the Circulation desk for 4 days after they have been called.

How much are overdue fines

  • The overdue fine for books is ten cents per day per book, with a maximum fine of $5.00 per book. DVDs and CD/audio books are subject to a $1.00 per day fine with a maximum $5.00 fine per item.
  • A patron must reimburse the library for any item lost or damaged plus a $5.00 reorder fee. If a damaged item can be repaired, the patron must pay the cost of the repair. There is a $2.00 fee for replacing bar codes and a $4.00 fee for replacing damaged lockable DVD cases.
  • A text message will be sent when materials are two weeks late and a post card reminder will be mailed when they are four weeks late. When materials are over four week’s late, all library privileges will cease. They will be reinstated when all materials are returned, fines are paid or when the cost of lost items plus the $5.00 reorder fee has been paid.

How to get materials not owned by OCPL

To request a book that is not on the OCPL catalog, a patron may call or request an item at the circulation desk. Items can be borrowed from other libraries, but an author and title are needed for each request. No more than 2 items can be requested for inter-library loan (ILL) at one time. Find more information or make a request.

How to replace a lost or stolen card

To replace a membership card, a $2.00 fee is required. Proof of address will need to be confirmed regardless of whether the patron's address has changed or not.