Welcome to the Libby Tutorial!

Here you can learn how to install and check out ebooks with Libby! Libby is a new app by Overdrive, and uses all their resources in a more user-friendly manner. It's even faster than Overdrive!

To begin, let's get the Libby app. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store:

Search for "libby" in the search bar. It should be the first result:

Here is what we're looking for! Tap install.

After installing, find the app on your phone. It will have an icon like this:

Go ahead and start Libby!

Libby is very intuitive to set up. You just answer a few questions. First, we do have a library card.

If you have a device already using Libby, it will let you copy your info to the new device. It can also try to find your library based on your location, but for now we're going to choose "I'll Search for a Library". This is the most reliable method.

We're given a search bar. Type the name of our library in, and you'll be given this result. Select our library.

Libby will next ask us to sign into Tennessee READS, which comes with your library card. We need "Choose A Location":

A dropdown menu will appear. It takes a little bit of scrolling, but we want Obion County Public Library.

Now we need a library card. Remember, your library card will start with 2OBIO (Like OBION), followed by three 0's (zeros). The rest of the numbers are unique to your card.

Now we're on the front page of Tennessee READS! Scrolling down, we can see magazines and new releases, as well as popular titles. Let's check out a book! Tap "Explore" in the top right corner.

Explore allows us to search for anything we might like in the database. There are many options to search for here, but for this tutorial we're interested in "Subjects" at the bottom.

As you can see, there are a lot of subjects! There are even more if you scroll down. I chose Fantasy, because that's one of my favorites.

Hmm. That's an audio book. I want to see regular ebooks only. To do that, we can filter out what we don't want in our preferences.

Up at the top, we can get to preferences by tapping it there in the left corner.

You can change what sort of format the books are in, as well as what language, what audience it's for (children, adult), whether it's available, and more.

I changed mine to look just for books, not audio books. Just tap "Apply Preferences" when you're finished.

Back to our book search! When you find a title you think you'd like to check out, you just tap "borrow".

(Libby will even tell you what number in the series your book is!)

Next we'll get a confirmation screen. We're told we'll have the book for 14 days. When you're ready to check out your book, tap "Borrow" again.

We have our book! From here, we can start reading immediately, but we can also keep searching for more books or go to our "shelf".

Your shelf is where you can find all the books you check out. This is where you go to read your books and view information on loans and holds. It will even tell you what books you've recently returned.

In case you ever need to leave and come back, to get to the shelf from the main page, just tap on "Shelf" in the bottom right corner.

What about when we're ready to return a book? Tap on the square beside "Manage Loan" and you'll be given some info. The due date is here, and you can also send the book to another linked device. If you want to return your book, tap "Return" (or in this case, "Return Early").

Libby wants to make sure we want to return it. When you're ready, go ahead and tap "Return" once more.

And just like that, the book is returned! Now we can find our next book!

Now you're ready to start reading with Libby!