Welcome to the Overdrive Tutorial!

In this tutorial we'll learn how to install, sign in, and check out books with the Overdrive app! You can have ebooks at any time, and it's quick and easy!

Let's start by downloading the app. It can be found on Google Play and the App Store:

Just search for "Overdrive" in the search bar:

It's usually the first result.

Tap on the "Install" button.

Once it's finished installing, you have the option to open it immediately. You can also find it among your phone or tablet's other apps:

When running Overdrive for the first time, it will look something like this:

We can use our library card, so we don't need to sign up. Choose "Sign In".

On the next screen, we want to sign in using our library card:

Of course, now we need to enter our information. Tap the search box and type in Obion County Library. Then tap "Go".

Select our library from the list:

From here, we're taken to Tennessee Reads, the resource Overdrive uses. TN Reads also wants to know what library we're looking for, so we need to tell it:

We have another drop-down list:

After we choose our library, it's time for us to sign in. Type the number on the back of your library card. It will start with "2OBIO" (the letter O, like "Obion"), followed by three zeros. The rest of the numbers will be unique to your card.

After tapping "Sign In", Overdrive will ask if you are 13 years or older. If yes, you may give them your name and email address, but this is entirely optional.

After signing in, we're greeted with a pretty barren-looking bookshelf screen.

Let's fix that! Tap "Add a title".

We're once again asked to add a library, so let's type our library name into the search bar:

Once we hit search, our library will come up. We want to"star" this library so we can save it and come back.

After this, TN Reads wants to make sure you have a library card, and offers you a digital one. We have a library card, so we'll have to sign in one more time. It's the last time, I promise!

Select Sign In.

We'll select Obion County Public Library, and then enter the card number again:

Once we've signed in, we're on the front page!

They frequently advertise magazines and new releases they've acquired here. It's nice if you're looking for a new read, but what if we don't see anything we like??

At the very top of the front page is a place to search. We're going to try it out.

Tap on the search bar, next to the magnifying glass symbol:

This will allow you to enter title or author information. Tapping the search bar also reveals the option to do an advanced search, which I think is far more helpful if you don't know exactly what you want.

The advanced search can do all kinds of tricks. You can search title and author, but also browse based on audience, format (physical, ebook, audio book), when it was added, and so much more. scrolling down will yield even more options:

I ran a search for fantasy books that are available now, in ebook format. As you can see, there are a lot of results!

We're going to check out Alice in Wonderland. It's a classic.

Below the book title is some information about the book. In this case, we're given the name of the author, Lewis Carroll, and we're told that it's an ebook. Below that is the option to check the title out. Tap "Borrow".

Here is the check out screen. We're given an overview of the information we saw earlier, and have the option to choose how many days we want to borrow the title. Tap "Borrow" again.

Hooray!! We have successfully checked out our book!

To read it, we need to choose Download.

Depending on what kind of ebook you check out, the options for download will vary a little. In our case, we're given a couple of options. Choose EPUB ebook to download the book to your overdrive library.

Back at Tennessee Reads, we want to go to our bookshelf. Select the icon next to the bell. It looks like a stack of three books.

Now our book is in our bookshelf! This is where you come to read the books you've checked out in Overdrive.

In order to read our book, all we need to do is tap it.

The title page will load, and when we swipe left and right, we can turn the pages.

Here is our book!

When you're ready to return your book, go back to your bookshelf and tap "Return" underneath your book.

You'll be asked if that's what you want to do. If you're sure, tap "Return Title".

After returning the book, it disappears from our bookshelf.


You've completed the Overdrive tutorial!