Here is the Zoom Tutorial!

Zoom is a helpful video calling app that allows you to host chats with multiple people at once! It's great for meetings and catching up, plus it's free!

Start by going to either the App Store or Google Play, and searching for Zoom. Once you've found it, tap "Install".

Once it's installed, let's go ahead and open it. Immediately we're given the option to join a meeting, but we can also take the opportunity to sign in. If you already have a zoom account, you would tap sign in, and enter your credentials. For the purpose of this tutorial, we're going to sign up.

To sign up, Zoom requires an email, a first name, and a last name. Of course, we'll also need to agree to their terms of service.

After filling out the necessary info, Zoom will send an email to the address you entered to confirm everything. After receiving this email, click "activate account".

Now that we've got an account with zoom, we can go back to the app and tap "sign in" instead of "sign up".

Enter the email and password you created when you made your account, and tap "Sign In".

Alternatively, you may also sign in with Facebook, Google, or SSO if you don't want to make a Zoom account.

Once we've signed in, we're shown Zoom's home screen.

There are a lot of options here. We can start a new meeting, join someone else's meeting, schedule a new meeting, or offer to share our screen with someone.

At the bottom, we're able to chat with people once we've gotten contacts loaded in, check our meeting settings, view our contacts, and look at zoom's general settings.

To join a meeting, you need the ID of the meeting you want to join, or the personal link name. This would be given to you by the person hosting the meeting.

You can change the screen name you'll join the meeting under to anything you want.

You can also choose whether you want your camera and audio to be on.

Starting a meeting is easy. Tap "New Meeting" and you'll be taken to this screen. By default, your camera will be on, but you can turn it off. Your personal meeting ID is displayed, so if you want to use that to host a meeting, you would give that number to the people you wanted to join. Otherwise, the meeting is assigned a "Meeting ID".

Once everything is to your liking, we can tap "Start a Meeting".

Here is what our meeting screen looks like. If the camera is on, the feed will be displayed in the center. I've turned mine off, but it's easy to turn it back on from the option at the bottom.We also have options to mute the microphone, share the meeting, check our participants, and more.

Under "more" we have more options. Disconnect audio will turn the audio off. We can also check our meeting settings.

We have a lot of options, and a lot of control over the meetings we host!

You can stop new people from coming in via "Lock Meeting" , keep people from sharing, play a sound for when new people join or leave, among other things.

When we're ready for the meeting to be over, we tap "End Meeting" at the top right. You may assign a separate host for the meeting if you want it to continue when you leave.

Once you tap "End Meeting", it will stop.

And those are the basics of Zoom! You're now ready to have video chats!